You can expect beautifully softer, smoother, moisturised, repaired, revitalised, and rejuvenated skin when you use the products together. 

Yes, absolutely! All of Bayeco ingredients are intended for use with all skin types

Bayeco is mainly natural with added boosters. These boosters may be natural or synthetic. The aim is to reset your skin to a healthy balanced state. 

Bayeco does more than simply soften and smooth your skin. We hand-selected ingredients based on beauty benefiting evidence from researched papers to give you noticeable results as seen in clinical studies.  

For example, Kakadu Plum contains a rich amount of Vitamin C that is healthy for your skin. The active ingredient in Kakadu Plum protects, brightens and repairs the skin.  We use Kakadu Plum that has a proprietary extraction technique to get the most beneficial compounds out of the fruit in a way that both stabilises and preserves the antioxidants. And on top of this, has been shown in a clinical study (the ingredient with this extraction technique tested on real people) to improve skin brightness by 30% in 30 days. And this is just one example of the ingredient!

Yes, absolutely! We suggest using Bayeco every morning or night. It's designed to give you a noticeable difference in 14 days and continues to work on your skin as you use it for longer.  

Yes! You can. 

We have specifically excluded ingredients such as certain exfoliants or essential oils that are not suitable during pregnancy or breastfeeding while still giving you the skin you will love to be in.

No, Bayeco moisturisers and serum quickly penetrates the surface of your skin, to give your skin vitamins and nutrients. 

No, we don't use parabens. And we also don't use mineral oils, phthalates, formaldehydes or SLSs in our skincare formula.