Our Story

You Are Beautifully and Wonderfully Made Just The Way You Are…

For too long I thought my skin was flawed.

I'm a pharmacist and a mother of two and life can be crazy-  as I'm sure you know.

Since my twenties, I have been obsessed with having perfect looking skin.

I was a "brand hopper". On the quest for something that made my skin look less bumpy, less pigmented, less wrinkly…I was like the energiser bunny of skincare. Hopping from one to another.

I Could Never Settle And Never Found THE ONE.

I had bottles of half-used skincare in my bathroom cabinets- I was at a loss.

I even went so far as to get laser – which only made my skin sensitive to going outside. I was almost in tears by then.

As a pharmacist and a mum, one of the biggest concerns was the number of chemicals and toxins I was putting on my skin every day.

Chemicals that disrupt the hormones, chemicals that give you temporary results but fade away or cause thinning of the skin.

Because I Kept Hearing That My Skin Needed To Look Flawless - AT ALL COST…

I Wanted Evidence That Each Active Was Going To Bring Healing And Wellness.

Using my knowledge I learnt in my profession, I searched to find my answer.

I spoke to formulation chemists, read medical journals, visited manufacturers and tested skincare.

And here it is. The Clean Beauty skincare

What Is Clean Skincare?