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How I Get Fresh, Ageless Skin Without Risking My Health With Chemicals

I want to tell you a story about how Bayeco came about.

I am a pharmacist and a mother of two – life can be crazy as I am sure you know.

Since my twenties, I have been obsessed with having great skin.

And what I realised was that I was a “brand hopper”. On the quest for something that made my skin feel fresh, look lively, reduce winkles and get those compliments I used to get in my 20’s – I was like the energiser bunny of skincare. Hop. Hop. Hop!

And you know what? I could never settle. 

I Never Found THE ONE.

I had bottles of half used skincare in my bathroom cabinets and I was at a loss.

I even went so far as to get laser – which only made my skin thin and sensitive to going outside. It was awful!

And you know what? As a pharmacist, one of the BIGGEST concerns I had was the amount of chemicals in skincare these days. Like I’m talking cancer causing stuff. And as I’ve become a mother, and really started being committed to my own health, this became my new obsession.

So I Thought – Why Not Put The Two Together.

What Is Clean Beauty?

The type of skincare you can use, feel confident that you are doing the best thing for your health AND seeing results at the same time. It has taken me three years but here it is. And totally affordable. And the biggest compliment for me came last week when a guy asked how old I was. He thought I was 10 younger than my age when I told him my actual age.

Who Wouldn't Want Great Skin and The Compliments Too

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