What Is The Biggest Skin Concern Women Have?

What Is The Biggest Skin Concern Women Have?

Did you know that 59% of women are most concerned with wrinkles by the time they’re in their 30s. This statistic came from a survey by Instyle Magazine of 1800 women.

I was one of these 59% of women.

Life became so busy when the kids were little and I forgot about my skin. My usual multi step skincare went out the window and by the time the kids were old enough for me to start taking care of myself, I regretted neglecting my skin.

I started looking into skincare again more closely.

And this time researched to find ways to make my skin look healthy again.

Like how it did 10 years before. 

I thought if I understood how wrinkles formed, then I can formulate skincare that will fix the problem.

The real reason why wrinkles occur is because of 3 things:1

  1. Loss of elasticity
  2. Loss of water
  3. Weakening of the skin structure

The problem isn’t on the surface of the skin. It lies on a deeper level.

Wrinkles form because of a breakdown in collagen and elastin. These are like “scaffoldings” in your skin holding up the top layer and the deeper layers.

As you age, these molecules break down faster than your body can replace them and that’s when you’ll notice unwanted signs of ageing.

Is one type of moisturiser better than others?

The answer is yes.

Most moisturisers will add moisture to the surface of the skin. But the problem is when the moisturiser absorbs, the lines will reappear again.

Collagen is one of the most important molecule in the skin’s building block.

The older you get, the less collagen you produce causing your skin to become less “springy”.

In a study from 2016, researchers found that skin regenerates 30 times higher at night compared to during the day.  Which means the best time to promote collagen is at night.

I looked for answers in formulating a night cream that followed the natural rhythm of the skin.

And thought that simply boosting collagen is not enough after a certain age.

There’s already some skincare that boost collagen. But after a certain age, boosting collagen alone is not enough.

It needed to be more effective than that.

After trialing a few different combinations, we found by using a combination of 3 peptides, we could:3

  1. Signal skin to make more collagen AND
  2. Slow the breakdown of collagen that’s already in the skin.

Infact, in one study it showed that 77% of women said their skin looked firmer after 4 weeks of use.

The three peptides in the night cream is Oligopeptide,Tripeptide and Tetrapeptide.

More collagen, means plumper, smoother looking skin.

And then packing the moisturiser with 8 types of antioxidants to protect the skin while it recovers at night.  

Chris x



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