What Does Evidence Based Skincare Mean?

What Does Evidence Based Skincare Mean?

I started working as a pharmacist in a chemist. 

Then I got bored. 

And wanted a new challenge.

So I thought why not try working in a Pharmaceutical.

I saw an ad for a position in medical communications.

Received an interview in a few days. And got the job.

In all honesty, it was just a thought. I wasn’t quite ready to move out of pharmacy yet.

But boy was I glad I took the job.

It taught me a lot of skills. Working in corporate was completely different to working in a pharmacy.

I learnt how to write to medical professionals. 

And the most valuable skill I learnt was reading medical journals. These journals had so much info. They helped me to understand whether something does what its suppose to. Or whether its just a fad.

Because researchers who studied ingredients in labs or in people would publish their findings. And I got to read these.

You see, they don’t teach you how to read medical journals in pharmacy. I only learnt this skill while working in Pharmaceuticals.

And now I use it all the time.

I look up evidence on complementary medicine.

Like recently looked into clinical papers to see how earthing effects our body and whether it was worth investing into an earthing sheet.

What Pharma taught me is to find evidence myself so I can work out what’s good info and what isn’t.

I used this skill to research for ingredients to go into the skincare.

It needed to be evidence based. I didn’t see the point of putting in any ingredients that sounded good but didn’t do much on the skin.

I felt like I had a cheat sheet actually.

Here is a wealth of information in these journals and I had access to them to help me find the best ingredients to put into the skincare.

But it wasn’t easy to “crack the code”.

It was batch after batch of formula.

It was years of research and development.

I had a whole folder of printed information to pass to the formulations chemist. I wanted specific ingredients in the skincare. Because these ingredients had evidence.

I also looked to see what ingredients we should avoid too. Because there are many out there that people say. But I wanted to see the evidence for myself.

And exclude the ones that maybe toxic. It's not conclusively toxic. But even if it had some evidence, it was enough for me to say let's look at an alternative ingredient instead. 

That’s how our brand came about.

Chris x