Is Clean Beauty The Same As Organic Beauty?

Is Clean Beauty The Same As Organic Beauty?

I use to think that clean skincare is the same as organic skincare.

I thought I knew lots about skincare.

Seeing I was a consumer of it. I tried everything out there in the market.

I liked the idea of organic skincare. It aligned nicely with how I liked to live.

I like clean living in general.

Eating clean. Fresh fruits and veggies.

Cleaning the house with minimal chemicals. 

So naturally, I also liked the idea of putting clean, organic ingredients on my skin too.

So that everything in me aligned.

But what I found was it was just not “strong” enough for my skin.

It felt oily a lot of the times. But the lines were still there. There was no difference once the oil went away.

That’s when I looked further into it.

There has to be a way to have skincare that align with my health. 

For me, the answer was in Clean skincare.

It uses natural actives for most of the skincare.

And uses actives that have been studied by researchers for safety and efficacy. Like certain peptides for example. 

Clean and organic are the same but not the same.

Clean beauty has the nature of earth. And other ingredients that’s been shown to work.

Minus some that’s shown to be toxic.

And still aligns with my clean living.

Because if I’m using skincare.

I don’t just want to feel good on the inside.

I want it to show on my skin.

Chris x