Why Guarantee Skincare in 14 Days

Why Guarantee Skincare in 14 Days

I use to have hoard heaps of skincare in my cupboard. Literally, bottles everywhere. I was still living with my parents at that time. So I had to hide my hoards of skincare in my cupboard instead. Otherwise my mum would be upset that my skincare was growing like weed on the family bathroom cabinet.

I would go into every store in Myer and DJs and try out their skincare and buy one almost every couple of weeks. (Internet wasn’t so big then!)

You can say I was obsessed!

I liked having nice skin when I was a teenager. People would comment on it. But by the time I reached my mid 20s, I felt like I was just blending into the furnitures. I was married by now. So life was ticking along with not much changes. 

But I felt like my skin was heading downhill. I started seeing lines around my eyes and my cheeks. And I really hated this.

What I noticed is I’d always be excited trying new skincare on the first day.

But then found that there was no difference to my skin after a month.

Over the years, I’ve learned that there is a minimum percentage that you need to use for your actives. It’s no point putting the ingredient in and then only adding a tiny amount so you can make a claim on it.

When I formulated this skincare, I looked at the concentrations of each actives. And I used percentages recommended from the research papers.

I wanted to see results. And why wouldn’t I because I was formulating this for myself.

And it was important that others also experienced results.

That’s why we guarantee you’ll feel and look more vibrant soon after using it.

Generally speaking, with the ingredients we use, you should be able to notice a difference after 2 weeks of use. Results can vary of course. 

Which is why we give a guarantee.  And don’t ask when you send the products back to us.

Because we know that companies ask you to send the products back so that the return rates are low.

We’re so confident with our formula that we’ll gladly refund the money to you because we want you to be 100% confident with us.

Chris x