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5 Ways to Beat Winter Dryness

5 Ways to Beat Winter Dryness



Ban the hot showers

It’s tempting to have long hot showers during winter because it keeps our body warm. But these hot showers can dry your skin out pretty quickly. Keep the temperature of the water lukewarm so that your skin does not dry out. And try to have shorter showers during winter.


Hydrate from the inside

As the humidity drops and the air becomes drier, we tend to drink less in the colder climates. It also doesn’t help that the heaters are on at full blast in the office and in the car. It’s best to keep your skin hydrated from the inside by drinking the usual 6-8 glasses of water throughout winter. Try drinking at least 2 glasses of water in the first 2 hours of waking up and you have already drank a quarter of what you need for the day.


Washing your face once

The question we get asked sometimes is should I still wash my face twice a day in winter. You should always wash your face after a workout to avoid breakouts. You should also wash your face at night to remove your make up and dirt build up. A gentle foaming cleanser that removes make up without the need for double cleansing will help keep your skin hydrated without stripping the skin. For those with extra dry or sensitive skin, you can try to skip the morning face wash to keep the moisture in. Otherwise, you can try washing your face with water only in the morning to remove excess oils and then applying your usual morning skin routine. 


Treat your skin at night

 Our skin pH and oil production naturally drops through the night. This means that our skin tends to dehydrate while we sleep. It’s not all bad news. At night our skin produces collagen and skin recovery takes place while we sleep too. Applying a good quality night cream packed with antioxidants with added peptides will protect and help to increase collagen production. This is an investment you can’t overlook. Winter may be the time to also add on an oil to your night routine to keep your skin extra dewy while you sleep.


Gently exfoliate

No matter how many creams and serums are applied, dry skin will stay dry without some help with exfoliation. Use a gentle scrub whenever your skin feels flaky and dry to remove that layer of dead skin so that the moisturises can get to work on the deeper layers of the skin.